Why is SEO Performed?

Why is SEO Performed?
30 December 2019

What is SEO? Why is SEO performed?

SEO is the abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization.” SEO is all of the works which enable the websites and pages show up in the top list in search engines.

As the website of which SEO activities are performed in the top list and page in the search engine, SEO activities will increase the number of visitors of the website as well as ensure that all the products, services and information on the site reach more users. Therefore, it will gain more profit by increasing its popularity.

How is SEO analysis performed?

SEO analysis is carried out to measure the performance of the website, to identify missing or bad and faulty areas on the website and to make the necessary arrangements to climb to the top rankings in search engines. The man analyses are as follows;

  1. In-site Analysis
  2. Off-site Analysis
  3. Competitor Analysis

In-site SEO

All pages, titles and descriptions on the website should be arranged in accordance with SEO and with specified keywords.

The users stay longer on the website and are satisfied with your website, if your website is opened quickly and the users open pages in your website quickly. This is one of the important factors which increase the quality score of the website.

One of the criteria affecting the quality score is whether the website designed as user-friendly. The website should be visited easily by all target audience and people from all ages.

Off-site SEO

As a result of off-site activities, popular websites include a link of the website which are being operated. In this way, the website in which SEO activities are performed gets “backlink”, which is essential for the website.

In order to appear in the top ranking in search engines, it is necessary specify the quality contents on the website properly so that the contents on the website arouse the desire to share by the website users.

Competitor Analysis

In order to be successful in SEO activities, competitor analysis can be guiding in terms of strategy as well as finding the missing or wrong areas of the website.

Seeing the activities of the competitors, understanding how powerful they are and finding out what we can do to overcome them will develop and advance the website step by step.


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