CETEKNO Software and Media Agency

Who Are We?

As CETEKNO Software and Media Agency, we are proud to provide all the support you need in digital environments for 10 years. Since its establishment date, our company follows all kinds of developments and innovations and always tries to increase and improve. Therefore, we continue to provide better quality service to you.

What We Do?

Website Software

Web software included webpage, shopping site, service site and social networks is designed in order to reach many clients at the same time.

CRM Software

CRM SOFTWARE, which is derived from the first letters of “Consumer Relationship Management”, enables companies to collect all the information and details they receive from their customers in one place.

Mobile Application Software Service

Mobile application software which enables brands to reach users in the shortest and easiest way, has become widespread all over the world and can be downloaded on mobile phones or tablet computers within a few minutes.

SEO Service

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all the improvement and development works of a web site  in order to be better understood by search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.) and to meet all the required criteria.

Editor Service

Editor service is the service which allows the written content any product, service and subject to be edited and reviewed in accordance with the rules, and finally made available for users.

Marketing Service

Marketing service is the whole of activities which enable the marketing of a product or a service by offering it in all digital medial such as social media networks and websites.

Production Service

Production service is a service that includes all the necessary works for the projects which a company needs, such as a promotional film or a commercial film.

Design Service

Design service is the proper preparation and implementation of images, advertisements and logo areas necessary for a web site.

CETEKNO Software and Media Agency

SEO Analysis

With the increase of SEO ratings, the ranking of the websites where SEO activity is performed increases both in the popularity and in search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.). As the top ranked websites in the search engines will always be the first preferred websites, these websites will remain in the minds of the users and ensure that they become permanent users of these websites.


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